Krystal (duckyjem) wrote in ihearthawk,

Jason rocks Duluth.

Hey! I haven't updated here in ages... sorry everyone!

Anyway, my youngest sister (Kari) was in Tennessee last month for CHIC, a church youthgroup convention. They saw Falling Up & Hawk Nelson play one of the nights they were there. After the concert Kari called me while she was waiting to meet Jason for the first time and kept me on the phone (held it in her hand) while she talked to Jason. Jason totally made my day! Why? Because a small chunk of their conversation went like this:

Jason: Where are you from?
Kari: Minnesota
Jason: Really? I'm usually pretty good at guessing where people are from and I could totally tell you're from Minnesota. Where do you live?
Kari: Duluth
Jason: Oh my gosh, I totally LOVE Duluth! I go to Canal Park [touristy part of town] all the time!!!! [His girlfriend goes to college in Duluth]
Kari: Haha, awesome!
Jason: Where in Duluth do you live?!
Kari: [Tries to explain where we live]
Jason: I know where that is!!!
Kari: So, I'm pretty sure you know my sister...
Jason: You must be Krystal's sister!!! Next time I'm in town we totally have to hang out together!

And I can't remember what they talked about after that because I was too busy being excited that he knew that Kari and I were related just from looking at her!
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