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hawk nelson

Name: Abby
Age: 16
Location: lala land
Are you interested in a postal-mail pen-pal? not really
Favourite Hawk Nelson song? Oh! Why do they do this?? *gasps* Uhh, I'm really liking 'Take Me' but those new songs are pretty much amazing.
When did you hear about Hawk Nelson? Um, my best friend had them on a mix w/California and fell in love and then I, in turn, did as well.
How many HN concerts have you been to? This is a sore subject. None.
Where, when? I plan to this summer at Creation
Have you met HN? Look above
What would you do if you were walking down the street and you saw HN? Introduce myself while appologizing, or, pretty much stalk them for as long as I could, or, both.
If you could hang out with HN for one day, what would you do? Where would you go? Depends on them.
What are five other bands you really like? Switchfoot (they are the best in the world), Falling Up, Relient K, FM Static and Cademons Call
Anything else you would like to share with us? :) Yeah, I hope I can contribute to this community. It'll be mostly icons though I think. I have one but will try to pull more. I have a question: Anyone know any good places for Hawk Pics?? I'm not finding too many. Thanks a ton!

Ok. That's it I guess.

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Definitely post Hawk icons and stuff here! I need some more! Also, heck yeah for Falling Up and Relient K! Have you tried just googling Hawk Nelson? I've found a ton of pictures doing that. If that doesn't work, I think duckyjem and I are semi-working on making a HN photobucket, so I'm sure we'll post a link sooner or later.
Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, I've googled them, but for some reason pics seemed limited, like I kept getting the same few images over and over. I'll keep trying though and I really hope y'all get a HN photobucket! That would be a lifesaver. :D

Thanks again for the welcome, I'm excited about this community. Semi-new communities always get me excited. :P