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Name: Caity [Or Anakin, you pick]
Age: Sixteen
Location: Canada
Are you interested in a postal-mail pen-pal? Uh, not really.
Favourite Hawk Nelson song? Oh man, that's a good question. Probably "Everything You Ever Wanted" or "Take Me." Both such amazing songs.
When did you hear about Hawk Nelson? Oh man, back in the day. It's been a few years now.
How many HN concerts have you been to? Uh, let's see. Six times now.
Where, when? I've seen them at YCAlberta 2005, once. YCAlberta 2006, three times. Vancouver, BC, once. And finally just a few days ago in Washington, once. It was a good show.
Have you met HN? Twice, once just at a signing, the other time was when I passed out in their mosh pit.
What would you do if you were walking down the street and you saw HN? Honestly? Probably nothing, I'd look and stare at Daniel Biro for awhile, but I'm not one for randomly going up to celebrities, it makes me feel fan girlish.
If you could hang out with HN for one day, what would you do? Where would you go? Oh man! That would be amazing. If I could go absolutely anywhere, I'd probably go to some awesome amusement park with them and go on all the rides over and over again, of course I wouldn't let anyone else have them for the day. Haha.
What are five other bands you really like? Kiros, Newsboys, Thousand Foot Krutch, Starfield, & My Chemical Romance
Anything else you would like to share with us? :) I'm in love with Daniel Biro and I'm pretty much set on marrying him. =]

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Hehe, you passed out in their mosh pit and met them? What's the story behind that?

Oh, and the marrying Daniel thing.. get in line, honey. ;p
Yessuh. Well, not their mosh pit. They weren't playing at the time. Run Kid Run was. There was no air, I was shorter than everyone else, and I hadn't eaten in almost two days. I got to meet them and TFK though, so it was worth it.

Back off. We've been engaged for years now. =P
WOO RUN KID RUN! RKR is totally my favorite band right now. I just hung out with them on Friday. :) Love TFK too, super nice guys.

Share? Pretty please?
RKRyay. I had to introduce them to everyone around here. Now, everybody knows them. Yay. TFK is super nice, I have a signed drumstick of there's on my wall. Let's not even get into how many times I've met those boys. <3

Well..er, alright...
oooh, "Take me" is such a good song. So good. *shakes head*

Welcome, welcome...

Daniel? Although we aren't getting married (he asked, but I told him I didn't think it would work out.) we still be tight. *assuring nod*

Hi, I'm Krystal! (The other mod here and weasleyismyking's best friend!)

I hate to break the news to you...

See, you must have missed my wedding announcements that were sent out in January. ;)

Skwid was my maid of honor, Jason my bridesmaid. weasleyismyking (Cailin, in the striped shirt) was Daniel's best man, and Jonathan was a groomsmen. ♥

Tehehe, just kidding! Welcome to the community Caity!